Thumpers Coffee Club 2020

Join our Coffee Club for $31.50 and get this cool mug and unlimited coffee from our self service bar for the rest of the year!



To complete your registration, come into the shop.

We’ll need to register your membership in case you return without your mug.

We’ll ask for:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address



Benefits to joining our Coffee Club:

  • Unlimited black coffee refills for remainder 2020.

  • You can top up your coffee with anything available at the drip coffee prep table and fridge. Heavy cream, syrups, and milk are extra.

  • Available Coupons through email

  • Registration allows you to bring your own mug in the future.



Just one thing that we need your help with. The Rule!

  • To get refills, Coffee Club Members must bring your own mug or bring in your Thumpers Mug